Live, virtual, hybrid — amazing.

Evolving event experiences on the cutting-edge of what’s next.

Every attendee experience is an opportunity.

What we learned from Covid-19:

The platform matters

The pandemic accelerated the shift to digital or virtual events. Now, we can better align events to your marketing strategy and your customer journey.

Content matters

The quality of the content — more than format or medium or anything else — is directly correlated to the attention it receives.

The experience matters

In-person and virtual events are different. Now, we create experiential event marketing campaigns that unfold over time. In the new hybrid, experience-driven world of events, community is the superpower.

What Our Clients Say

“I’m consistently amazed by how professional, organized, responsive, and incredibly helpful the wonderful folks at EEG are. They just kill it, all the time! I feel very lucky to have them with us for these events!”