Just the way you want it. Nothing more.

Get thorough, targeted venue searching and sourcing by seasoned EEG strategic planners.

A successful event starts with good planning.

Lean on our expertise

Our experienced team has managed events in more than 65 countries and our planners are seasoned experts, making sure you get the venue selection you want with the terms you need.

Get the very best terms

Thanks to our extensive experience and relationships, you’ll always get cost-effective site recommendations that can deliver on the experience you want to create for attendees.

Start with the best

From identifying program needs and parameters to venue research, the early planning stages are critical. And our planners ensure your event is teed up for success, right from the start.

Meet Margot.

Margot Connaughton is our Strategic Sourcing Manager. She joined EEG in 2010 and has 20+ years of industry experience. Her favorite exotic locale? “I love the wide open spaces in Africa. Masai Mara, Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and the Ol Pejeta Game Reserve offer a peaceful expanse that is both exhilarating and calming.”


Site Selection

  • Identifying Event Program Needs and Parameters
  • Venue Research
  • Site Selection Recommendations
  • Contract Negotiations with Hotel(s) and other Venue(s)
  • Site Inspection Coordination
  • Pre-program Development
  • Initial Budget Development
  • Deposit and Attrition Schedule Management
What Our Clients Say

“It was a brilliant decision to bring EEG on board for this program. It brought the whole level of the program up and gave us a level of confidence we have not experienced before.”