Make sure your virtual events are experiences.

Faster turn-around. Less cost and complexity. Virtual events offer many benefits. The real challenge is creating more than an event. It’s creating an experience that connects…

The virtual events company you keep.

Drive year-round engagement

Virtual events aren’t a one-off. The keynotes. The round tables. Everything you produce can be edited down and repackaged for follow-on campaigns.

Campaign better and better

From pre-registration to post-event marketing, Event360 ensures that every element of your virtual event campaign plan is fuel for data-driven optimization and business returns.

Save on operating costs

Virtual events are a great way to engage people — and avoid the cost and complexity of in-person events. At EEG, we live and breathe digital, and we ensure your events do, too.

Delivering the right ‘butts in seats’ for a virtual event requires a unique combination of expertise and technology. At EEG, we lead the way in both departments.