Post-Event Analysis

Post Event Reporting

Post-Event Analysis and Reporting

When your event has wrapped, our work is far from over. EEG coordinates a post-program meeting to deliver a comprehensive post-event analysis and review. In this meeting we provide a summary of the event data, discuss lessons learned, review KPIs and success metrics, and survey results and feedback from attendees. We will also provide a complete event financial reconciliation that includes event revenue, expenses, and any outstanding receivables/payables.

Our Post-event Analysis and Reporting Services include:

  • Post-event Summary
  • Lessons Learned
  • Event Data Analysis
  • Review of KPIs and Success Metrics
  • Post-program Surveys and Reporting
  • Financial Reconciliation and Auditing
  • Management of Client Receivables/Payables
  • Management of Sponsorship and Registration Revenue
  • Final Bill Development
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