To clear up any misconceptions at the outset…an event, whether virtual or live, is just an event, right? Right. The key difference is where your audience is watching. Instead of corralling people into a ballroom after they pick up their lanyards, your audience for a virtual event is clicking a button from their inbox and participating at your event from their living room or home office. That’s the power and immediacy of virtual events.

All the other elements of planning and executing a live event remain. Your audience still needs to register. You still need to produce great content and creative that captivates. You still need to provide networking opportunities for attendees to get the information they’re looking for. You still need to follow-up. But we’ve entered a new phase for virtual events in light of what’s happening right now around the world, and Enterprise Events Group is here to help you get your stories online.

Virtual Events in the Age of COVID-19
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