During a typical conference session, you might get a handful of people asking questions. Recording these questions and any discussion that follows is cumbersome and often overlooked. That’s lost data. Audience engagement platforms bring the in-room and virtual attendees together to interact with presenters and content – asking questions, answering polls, making comments, and posting on social – valuable data for presenters and event marketers.

What were the poll results? Were some polls answered more readily than others, indicating peaks and troughs of audience interest? Was there a drop in virtual attendance at any point? These signals get lost in the noise without a robust analytics system providing feedback and identifying patterns. Collecting data points from this significantly expanded audience provides the raw material for the deeper insights required to optimize your event strategy. Integrating and using the data:

  • What’s the value of raw data? It’s great to know what questions were asked during a specific session, but what does it really tell you?
  • An event tech integration platform allows data from all your applications – your CRM system, registration, interactive platforms, and the stats from your landing pages into one master dataset
  • A data analytics dashboard can aggregate that data and create actionable reports that give you the complete story on your event performance
  • Hybrid events offer event marketers an opportunity to expand audiences and transform their in-person events into a formidable integrated engagement vehicle
  • The integration of virtual elements to hybrid or IRL events creates opportunities for global audiences to consume your content year-round, grow your attendance, re-organize your event strategy, and improve your events with data-driven decisions